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United Nations in Albania

The Government of Albania and the United Nations Country Team in Albania announced their renewed commitment to a joint programme of work for the next five years this Monday, as Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj and UN Resident Coordinator Fiona McCluney signed the Albania-UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2026.The signing ceremony took …

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What You Should Know Before Travelling to Albania

 · Albania is one of the most interesting countries in Europe, and one of the friendliest – perhaps in part because it''s so small, with a population of just 2.8 million. It is also a top destination for foodies, with affordable fine dining and delicious local dishes such as fëgesë stew to try pleasantly surprised by the world-class beaches of the Riviera, or find your inner …

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Durante il dominio ottomano, la regione fu sotto il vilayet (poi pascialato) di Ioannina.Durante questo periodo, la regione era conosciuta come distretto di Ciamuria (scritto anche Chameria, Tsamouria, Tzamouria).. Nel XVIII secolo, con la diminuzione del potere degli Ottomani, la regione passò sotto lo Stato semi-indipendente di Ali Pascià di Tepelena, un condottiero …

List of ambassadors of the United States to Albania

The United States established diplomatic relations with Albania in 1922. President Harding appointed the first U.S. Minister to Albania, Ulysses Grant-Smith, who arrived in Tirana in December 1922. The first envoys to Albania had the rank of Minister.

Romani people in Albania

Romani people in Albania speak the Balkan variant of the Romani language and Vlax Romani . Although Balkan Romani is endangered overall, it is relatively healthy in Albania. Of Roma ''''Gabel'''' families, in 2005 it was written that 65% reported speaking only Romani at home, while 29% spoke a mix of Romani and Albanian at home, while only ...


Albania is an upper middle-income country with a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of USD 5,286 (2020 IMF estimate) and a population of approximately 2.9 million people. The IMF estimates that Albania''s economy contracted by 3.5% in 2020, due to the combined effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the November 2019 earthquake.

THE 10 BEST Sights & Historical Landmarks in Albania

 · Thoroughly enjoyed the short gentle walk up from the beach and then to find such a compact and interesting little cas... 15. Ngjallja e Krishtit Cathedral. 73. Churches & Cathedrals. By 839beab. Korce is a beautiful city in Albania, famous for serenades and biggest carnaval in Albania as well as its own beer.

Living and working in Albania | Eurofound

The minimum working age in Albania is 16 years. However, limited work during school holidays for youth between the age of 15 and 16 years is an exception to this. Therefore, all adults and persons with disabilities who are authorised, in writing, to …

Study in Albania | Universities, Colleges, Cost & Visa Process

The tuition fees in Albania differs with the course of study, level of study and university. On average, the tuition fee for a Bachelor''s degree can range from $180 to about $4,450 per year and a masters degree can cost about $6,674 per year. Contact the university you are interested to study in, to know the exact tuition fees.

Presence in Albania | OSCE

 · OSCE Presence in Albania Ambassador Vincenzo Del Monaco, Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania, speaks at a Presence reception which saw Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, as guest of honour, Tirana, …

Tourism in Albania

Tourism in Albania - Get complete information about popular tourist destinations in Albania, must-visit places in Albania, Albania tourism packages, the best time to …

Albania International Travel Information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined Albania has a high level of COVID-19. Visit the CDC page for the latest Travel Health Information related to your travel. If you decide to travel to Albania: Read the Department of State''s COVID-19 page before planning any international travel, and read the Embassy COVID-19 ...

20 Do''s and Don''ts in Albania

Albanians will win always. This is because they respect the guest. 9. Say no if the seller or a restaurant want to give you more items or food. 10. Don''t refuse if Albanians are giving you a gift, even you don''t like it. It can be offensive for them. 11. In general don''t order meat in seaside, or fish in the mountain.

American Expats in Albania – Meet other Americans in …

 · Our network also counts a considerable number of American expats in Albania, coming from all corners of United States of America - from New York City, over Washington D.C. to Los Angeles. Community Member From United States of America, living in Tirana Community Member From United States of America, living in Tirana Community Member

Albania is Open to Americans for a Whole Year ...

 · ALBANIA IS WIDE OPEN TO AMERICANS for ONE WHOLE YEAR!! Well, my friends, this is Albania! Never a dull moment rest assured and never two rainy days in a row! From my heart to yours, as you know, I love my country in all its glory and shame! I''ve been back here for 9 years and have still hope that things will improve, just the ones that ...


Physician - Tirana, Albania. Dr. Mehmet Hoxha (Physician) Details; HAE Emergency Cards in local languages. The HAE Emergency Card contains clear and simple information about HAE and treatment required during an attack. It also contains space for patients to add personal information such as emergency contact details and their specialist ...

What It''s Like Living in Albania As a Tourist

 · Albania is not full of gangsters, traffickers and mafia walking around on the streets. Every country in this world has its share of bad people but living in Albania, I haven''t met any yet. I feel safer living and travelling here than in most western European countries. The tourist crime rate here is very low.

25 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Albania

 · 24. Berat. 25. Syri I Kalter. 1. Butrint. Butrint. The last spot but surely not the least is Butrint – a UNESCO defended region and one of the best tourist attractions in Albania close to Saranda and next to Ksamil. The Greeks occupied Butrint in the 6 th century BC and afterwards the Romans took control over it.


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15 Best Places to Visit in Albania

 · At the heart of Skanderbeg Square – and therefore the heart of Tirana – is a statue of the historic Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. 3. Llogara Pass. Source: flickr. Llogara Pass. The Llogara Pass is one of Albania''s most famous places, with the road providing one of the most spectacular drives in the whole world.

20 Must-Visit Attractions in Albania

 · At only 11,100 square miles (28,748 square kilometres) and with a total population of just under three million people, Albania might be small, but it''s certainly not lacking in things to do and see. From the stunning beaches of the Albanian Riviera to gorgeous archaeological sites, Albania will not disappoint you. Here''s a list of the top 20 must-visit attractions in the country.


 · Albania is a relationship-oriented society that places a premium on friendship, hospitality, and trust. Business discussions are usually preceded by a series of questions concerning health, family, and the general well-being of the parties. Business meetings often take place over coffee, and the time spent partaking in such is considered ...


 · Recommended for unvaccinated travelers of all ages to Albania. Infants 6 to 11 months old traveling internationally should get 1 dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine before travel. This dose does not count as part of the routine childhood vaccination series. Albania is free of dog rabies.

Albania travel

Albania. Closed to outsiders for much of the 20th century, Albania has long been Mediterranean Europe''s enigma. Until fairly recently its rumpled mountains, fortress towns and sparkling beaches were merely a rumour on most travel maps. But, with the end of a particularly brutal strain of communism in 1991, Albania tentatively swung open its gates.

How To Find a Job in Albania as a Foreigner | Visa Hunter

United Nations Development Program : The UNDP regularly has job openings in Albania. Use the handy location filter on the site to find opportunities in the country. CareerJet: CareerJet is a big job search site popular in many countries. They have job opportunities posted for Albania. Dua Pune: Dua Pune has lots of job postings for Albania.

Economia Albaniei

Economia Albaniei a trecut la începutul anilor 1990 printr-o dificilă tranziție de la economia centralizată și planificată din timpul comunismului la o economie deschisă de piață.. Albania este țara europeană unde a persistat cel mai mult economia centralizată și statalizată de tip comunist. Economia Albaniei a fost bazată pe agricultură, minerit și siderurgie, care din cauza ...

Travel Advice and Advisories for Albania

The Albanian government may consider children born to an Albanian parent to be Albanian citizens even if they were born in Canada and have a Canadian passport. Children under the age of 18 are only allowed to leave Albania with both parents, or with the consent of both parents. The absent parent(s) must provide a statement of parental consent ...

Visa and Residence Permits for Foreigners in Albania • IIA

All the foreign citizens that can enter Albania without a visa, are permitted to stay for a period of 90 days within 180 days from the first entry. The Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs specifies the categories of foreign citizens that can enter Albania without a visa: The citizens who have a valid, multiple-entry Schengen visa ...

22 Stunning Places To See In Albania That You Absolutely Must …

 · 14 Shkodër. Shkodër is the northern Albanian capital and the cultural heart of the country. Said to be among the oldest cities in Europe, its narrow streets are filled with buildings from the Ottoman era, including spectacular bridges across the river Kir. Shkoder was also once home to famous missionary Mother Teresa.

Wildlife in Albania

Below you can find a complete list of Albanian animals. We currently track 208 animals in Albania and are adding more every day! Albania is a small southeastern European country situated against the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea, directly across from the boot of Italy shares a land border with Kosovo and Montenegro to the north, Macedonia to the east, and …

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There is no greater window into the culture of Albania than through its language. The opportunities to connect and to communicate over coffee, in the work place, or in your neighborhood will overwhelm you: You can hardly walk down your street without a greeting or an offer to sit and chat. Contributions to the Albania Country Fund will support ...

Scuba Diving in Albania

 · The best time to dive in Albania is from April to October, with the most popular months being July and August. During this time, the water temperatures are a pleasant 20-25 degrees Celsius. When it comes to water visibility, that''s usually an excellent 12-15 meters, but it can get up to 30 meters depending on conditions.

Top stories in Albania, Kosovo and the Balkans

Albanian solo artist, Dua Lipa, won the Best Pop/R&B act during last night''s award ceremony for the 2022 Brit Awards. This is the 6th price... Read more. Ukraine has yet to decide on Kosovo''s independence, said Ukranian ambassador. Albania Giada Kuka-04/02/2022

Living In Albania As An Expat: What You Need To Know

 · Taxes in Albania for expats. The most common tax in Albania is a sales tax of 20% on virtually everything, already in the price. Paying income taxes in Albania requires an accountant. Personal income tax (23% average) is based on residency status. Residents pay taxes on all global income, but pensions are tax-exempt.


Albania (/ æ l ˈ b eɪ n i ə, ɔː l-/ a(w)l-BAY-nee-ə; Albanian: Shqipëri or Shqipëria), officially the Republic of Albania (Albanian: Republika e Shqipërisë), is a country in Southeastern Europe is located on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas within the Mediterranean Sea and shares land borders with Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east and ...

Is Albania Safe? Crime, Scams and Travel Safety Tips

 · The short answer, no. It''s pretty safe to travel around Albania. Albania does have petty crime, but no more than a major city would elsewhere. Crime is rare, and most locals are hospitable and welcoming to travelers. Violent crime rarely affects visitors, unlike the questionable driving habits of many locals.